Tree Root Removal in Pipework

Drain Medics are well known for unblocking drains in Manchester and Lancashire but we also have a number of other related skills! In this particular job we had to remove tree roots from under the driveway and replace drainage and pipework.

Quite often we do not need to dig up areas with root damage. Before any work is carried out we will use a special drainage camera when needed to look inside the drains or sewers to see what type of work we need to carry out.

In some cases, we will send down a root cutter and solve the problem without any digging involved which is cleaner and cheaper for the customer. In this case, the problem was too great to use this method so we had to dig out the offending roots and repair or replace parts of the drainage system. Our operators managed to completely repair the issue and replaced the blocked paving after, along with cleaning up. The customer is now delighted that we have fixed the drains under her garden path and drive and everything is now working as it should!

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