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Drain Medics has found over the years that not every sewer job we get called out to in Accrington is going to be the same. We often find considerable differences between the number of corrosion levels and the amounts of sewerage build up. There are many different types of build up in sewers and drainage systems too. These many types of materials and blockages will require different types of action on our part for drain unblocking in Accrington. For many blockages, high-pressure water jetting is the answer. Drain or pipe jetting is a very powerful tool which we use in Accrington, in the drain unblocking process.

We send high psi jets of water through the drain down into the sewer in order to move any debris that may be blocking the movement of water in the drain pipes. Drain jetting is not always needed. Sometimes we can use drain rods to clear blockages but in many cases jetting is the way to go. We can go around corners and unblock u-bends. We can unblock all types and sizes of drains and furthermore we at Drain Medics take safety very seriously so whenever we undertake a drain jetting project we do so under strict health & safety guidelines… Call 01254 492172 today for a quotation!


Drain Medics in Accrington can offer an advanced CCTV survey or inspection for drains and pipes. We use the latest technology, training and equipment to provide an affordable survey for both your drains and sewer systems. The clarity of the images we provide to you of your internal and external drainage pipes is second to none and provides you with the information as to if you are of a high risk of any potential problems with your drainage system.


DRAINAGE UNBLOCKING | We can unblock, clean and clear blocked drainage pipes
TOILETS UNBLOCKED | Blockages in toilets, urinals and saniflo systems unblocked
SINK BLOCKAGES REMOVED | Sinks, plug holes, u-bends, pipes and P-traps debris cleared
DRAIN REPAIRS | Broken clay, plastic, metal pipes, drains & manholes repaired
BLOCKED SHOWERS FIXED | Leaking, dripping showers repaired blocked showers cleared
WASTE PIPES CLEANED | Stack pipes and waste pipes can be unblocked and cleared



As you can see from the image above, it’s very surprising how clogged up a drain or pipe can become! Imagine the drain being this blocked for up to 20ft or more which is not uncommon. We find this type of total blockage quite often in our day to day work and are experts in solving the problem!

There are many reasons why local domestic and commercial customers call us out in Accrington to unblock a drain. Firstly you will notice our high levels of professionalism when talking to us on the phone or contacting Drain Medics through email. We will give you some options on the first point of contact with regards to prices and the methods on how we can unblock your toilet or drainage system. Once we arrive at your home we will assess your blockage and choose the correct method to clear it.

After this survey is carried out we will give you a fixed price and also some more information on how we will clear your drains. Your property is treated with the greatest of care as we will leave your home or business in the same way as we found it. All staff are trained to the highest order and carry the latest in insurance, health & safety documents and also training certificates.

We only repair, clear or unblock drainage pipes for a fixed fee. There are no hidden charges and costs are made clear before any drain unblocking is carried out in Accrington. The company has all the equipment needed to carry out any sized job from cleaning small drain blockages to water jetting large commercial drains and sewers with our latest up to date jetting equipment.

A 24-hr 7 day a week service is available and we often get called out to emergency jobs which our highly trained plumbers and drainage experts can tackle with ease. Customers have all types of clogs and blockages in their drains that we clear. From oil, fats right up to baby wipes and sanitary products. We always say prevention is better than the cure so before you have to call out a professional drain unblocking company in Accrington it is best to only flush toilet tissue down toilets.

With a small team and friendly operators, Drain Medics are the only company to call in the area. Please call or visit our contact page to get in touch!

Drain Medics also have a drain repair service for customers in Accrington. If drain unblocking is not an option then we can replace or repair parts of your drainage system.

After inspection of your drains with our specialist CCTV equipment, we can ascertain if it needs unblocking or repairing. We sometimes insert a new lining in the faulty drain so that little digging is required

For a full survey of your drainage issue, give us a call today for a no-nonsense quotation at affordable prices. Use the contact form on the bottom of the page or alternatively give us a call on 01254 492172

If you suspect you may have damaged drainage pipes we can investigate the problem for you and repair or reline the pipe in question. Using our state of the art CCTV moles to investigate the pipes we can report to you if the drainage pipes have a blockage, is damaged or if relining is a possibility. We can offer a drain relining service with little disruption using our latest no-dig technology.

With this technology, we do not need to dig up your precious lawn or driveway. The damaged pipe can be left in situ while we reline it and this can be completed within a couple of hours depending on how much damage there is to the drain.

CCTV Inspection

Quite often, we will carry out a CCTV inspection of your drainage to ascertain damage before the need to dig up the pipework. We use the latest in drain inspection technology to see deep into your drains and sewers to take still images and videos of any damage, cracks, chips, weed and root ingress or even pest issues.

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